Rock and roll.

I really love the Rock Band video games. They give people a pretty good feel for what it’s like to play in a band without those people having to spend hundreds of hours learning an instrument and searching for other musicians. Plus, as a drummer, I can tell you that playing Rock Band drums on the “expert” setting is very close to playing an actual drum kit.

So I wasn’t too surprised when Trap, after getting a taste of Rock Band drums, asked if I’d loan him my backup kit (an old Slingerland kit, which still sounds pretty great). I took it over to his place Tuesday night and helped him get it set up.

Happy rockin’, Trap!

Another cool thing about Rock Band… if you get the Beatles version, you can play Side Two of Abbey Road as one big song. It’s epic.

Watched on January 4…

Salt is a very well-crafted action thriller, and I didn’t believe a minute of it. I mean, I believed the action stuff–Salt features some of the most convincing stunt work I’ve seen in a while. But none of the characters behave in a way that makes any sense. Except for maybe “Peabody,” played by the always excellent Chiwetel Ejiofor. But all the other characters… oh, the inanity.


A frightening article about Netflix (via Andrew).

Interplanetary producer John White updated his blog right before he headed off on an African adventure.

A SyFy reality/competition show that might actually be cool.

I don’t have a lot of time, but I need to get some merch ready to sell in time for the Interplanetary DVD release. I at least want to sell coffee mugs (just like the ones used in the movie!) and print and Kindle versions of the screenplay. Plus, soundtrack CDs (if the composers approve!), probably some “corporate”-style golf shirts, and original limited edition silk-screened posters.

Speaking of merch, I sure wish I could get Last Exit to make an Interplanetary t-shirt.


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