New year, new blog.

I started writing about my movie Interplanetary (and other stuff) at “Everybody on Mars is Dead” in 2007. I never intended for that to be my permanent blog, but as production and post-production on Interplanetary went on about three years longer than originally expected… well, it basically became my permanent blog.

But, as I wrote on Tuesday, Interplanetary is finally done. And it’s a new year (and a new decade), so I thought I’d start a new blog.

Welcome to “Tacos and Beer.”

tacos and beer

I’ll continue to write about Interplanetary, of course, but as that movie makes its way into the world, I expect the bulk of my posts here will be about other projects–some movie-related, some non-movie-related (for example, my band Delicate Cutters has a new album coming out later this year on Skybucket). And I’ll be writing about my pop culture obsessions (movies I didn’t make, TV, and gadgets, to name a few).

In case anybody is curious, I’m calling the blog “Tacos and Beer” because…

  1. Interplanetary producer John White’s post-wrap rallying cry was often “Tacos and beer!” (We showed up at Rojo many times with fake blood on our hands.)
  2. This will be a blog about things I like, and I like tacos and beer.

To ease the transition from “Everybody on Mars is Dead,” and to front-load the new blog with some content, I went ahead and copied all of the 2011 “Everybody…” posts to “Tacos and Beer.”

One more note: many thanks to Chris Hilleke for taking the photo of me that I used for the “Tacos and Beer” header banner.

Watched on January 17…

Take a relatively obscure story about England’s King George VI, tell it with first-class actors and bold, exciting cinematography, and you get The King’s Speech. You also get a movie that’s a “crowd-pleaser” in the best sense of the phrase.


New Interplanetary reviews! Here’s one from SexGoreMutants and one from

And here’s a podcast that features a very in-depth (and positive) Interplanetary review. The Interplanetary stuff starts around the 24:50 mark.

And you can now “like” Interplanetary on Facebook.

Get power for your USB devices straight from the wall with FastMac’s U-Socket.

Very handy font resource for web designers.

I updated my About.Me page after seeing what a good job Laurel did with hers.

Should you work for free? Probably not. (via


2 Comments on “New year, new blog.”

  1. Oh man, don’t encourage people to not work for free! It’ll be the end of my business! 😉

  2. Chance says:

    I should have clarified — designers probably shouldn’t work for free.

    Movie crews should DEFINITELY work for free on no-budget sci-fi flicks!

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