Commentary fun.

I’m hoping to release a series of bonus commentary tracks as podcasts to promote the Interplanetary DVD release (March 15! Pre-order today!). In case, you know, people just can’t get enough of me and various special guests talking about our little Mars movie. I jumped in head-first today, setting up a bunch of gear in my living room so I could record myself plus Zachary Kelley, who writes about movies at the excellent Lightning Bug’s Lair.

The trick was getting Zachary recorded, as he was home in South Carolina at the time. My plan was to record his stuff via Skype, as explained here. That didn’t seem to work for me, so I decided to just use the computer for the Skype part and send the audio out to my handy Zoom H4n audio recorder. Even that method was tricky–I think using my Focusrite FireWire audio interface for this was overkill, but it’s the only thing I had handy to get a decent-quality mic into my iMac.

Podcast recording setup

Zachary was using a USB mic on his end, and I think the overall sound quality is pretty solid. And it was great talking to Mr. Kelley on the phone after corresponding with him over email for the last couple of years. Today’s podcast (and, hopefully, three more) will be released shortly after Interplanetary is available on home video.


This looks cool: Iomega’s “Personal Cloud”. Best I can tell, it lets you use your home internet connection to set up your own Dropbox-type service. It’s supposed to be available soon.

If you’ve seen Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?), you remember “Black Sheep,” the showstopping number by The Clash at Demonhead. “Black Sheep” wasn’t recorded for the movie–it’s actually a song by the Canadian band Metric. My pal Whitney played another Metric song on her show on BlazeRadio Friday, and it blew me away. But don’t take my word for it… check out “Monster Hospital” for yourself.

John (Interplanetary producer, culinary genius, IT ronin) mentioned this Mac app, Coda, which promises “text editor + file transfer + svn + css + terminal + books + more.” Looks nice, but a little pricey considering how much HTML coding I do in OS X (not much). While researching Coda, though, I came across Komodo, a free app for OS X that does text editing and file transfer (just about perfect for my needs).

If this happens, it’ll be like we’re all living in a science fiction story: Two Suns? Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012. Unfortunately, it’s more likely not to happen anytime soon.


2 Comments on “Commentary fun.”

  1. kangas says:

    Hey, I sort of know Zachary also.

    And I’d like to note that your desk is completely too clean. You can actually SEE the desk. On my desk, you can only catch the barest glimpse of desk through paper, CDs, cups, and other junk.

  2. Chance says:

    I must admit… I cleaned up my desk (well, actually it’s my coffee table) before I took that picture.

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