Hello, Portland!

Any readers in the Portland, Maine, area will have a cool opportunity to see Interplanetary a month before its official DVD release.

Interplanetary in Portland, ME

Mr. Kevin Leavitt has organized a screening of the movie February 8th at Geno’s Rock Club in Portland. Admission is 21 and up. And free! And the latest Crewless short, Monster Hunt with James and Kevin, will also be shown. There’s additional info on the Facebooks.

If you attend the screening, do me a favor and thank Kevin for supporting indie monster movies.


Ha! The Wikipedia listing for “Thorsby, Alabama,” has a whole section (“Movies based in Thorsby”) dedicated to Hide and Creep.

This might be fun: inexpensive helicopter cam! (via Andrew)

Damn. Accessories for the AT899 lavalier mic are expensive.

Elvis Mitchell interviews talented and affable animator Bill Plympton (MTV’s Liquid Television, Idiots and Angels) on The Treatment.

Walter Murch, who knows more about cinema than most people, explains why 3D movies don’t work and never will.

Is Clerks director Kevin Smith full of shit? (Sadly, the answer appears to be “yes.”)

Cross your fingers, everybody–footage from an unfinished Orson Welles movie might get released (relatively) soon.

I love this stuff: theoretical physics interview (including parallel universes!) with scientist/author Brian Greene on NPR’s Fresh Air.


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