Saturday’s Cutters show.

I had a great time rocking out with Delicate Cutters at Bottletree on Saturday. Here’s a drummer’s-eye view photo of the stage…

From behind the drums with Delicate Cutters

I’ve also been working on a new Interplanetary website, but it’s not quite done yet. At this point, I’m just hoping to finish it before the DVD is released on March 15.


Speaking of the Interplanetary DVD, you should follow our distributor on Twitter. (And don’t forget, you can follow me, too.)

Here’s a nice Birmingham News article about the Birmingham music showcase at SXSW.

Did Top Gun kill the movies?


Tomorrow night.

Don’t forget: Delicate Cutters and three other bands play Bottletree tomorrow night. We’ll kick out some jams and (hopefully) raise a little money for our upcoming Austin trip.

SXSW gas money at Bottletree flyer

Escape from Scotland.

Watched on February 22…

Director Neil Marshall’s Doomsday is basically a remake of Escape from New York… except for the part where it is a remake of The Road Warrior. So, yeah, I enjoyed it. Though I could have done without the tedious exposition that, at times, overtakes the movie.

Rhona Mitra in Doomsday


I’ll be drumming for Delicate Cutters Saturday at Bottletree in an attempt to raise some gas money for our upcoming trip to Austin, Texas. Stop by if you can… it should be a fun show. Also, here’s the Facebook event page (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Titus Andronicus performed at Theatre Downtown, with Sly Little (he plays “Jones” in Interplanetary) as the bad guy? Count me in.

Here’s a glimpse at that anthology movie I’ve mentioned a few times: the teaser trailer for Robb Rugan’s segment (AKA Infected).

An inexpensive, optical theremin. Brilliant! Go order one for yourself like right now. hosts audio files online, kind of like an audio-only version of YouTube or Vimeo. Here’s a Soundcloud test file I posted (audio from the Interplanetary teaser trailer)…

I trust I can rely on your vote: Radiohead destroys “Electioneering” on Jay Leno’s show (of all places), circa 1997.

Speaking of Radiohead, you might have heard about a little album they released last week (that’d be The King of Limbs). Here’s the best review I’ve seen of that album, courtesy of the excellent AV Club.

A guy used his cellphone to beat a speeding ticket.

Get your Kirk on: Classic Star Trek comes to Netflix “Watch Instantly.” (via TechBlog)

Fellow iPhone users: You’re well aware that Apple won’t let us use mobile Flash on iOS devices. Maybe we’re not missing that much.

Yesterday’s order.

I used to hate rechargeable batteries. Then I tried Sanyo’s Eneloop batteries. These things are great. They come pre-charged, and they hold a charge almost as well as disposable batteries.

Tiny 750GB USB drives for less than $75. Lasers in the jungle, y’all.

Toshiba disk drive

Official Interplanetary DVD.

I have seen the official Interplanetary DVD. Up close and personal.

Interplanetary DVD and case

And it looks great!

Watched on February 18…

Whiteout isn’t as bad as I’d heard… but it ain’t good. I did like a couple of the action set pieces, Kate Beckinsale has a nice scene or two, and I’m a sucker for any movie set in Antarctica. But the murder mystery plot is more annoying than intriguing. And there are way too many pointless flashbacks.


Interplanetary at

Numbers: as of Saturday, Hide and Creep had logged 13,910 views at its official VOD YouTube page and 13,876 user ratings at Netflix.

Bill Hader is a damn genius. He recently explained the origins of his Saturday Night Live “Stefon” character to David Letterman. (via Stacey)

Reruns of the late, great Firefly are coming to the Science Channel with science commentary by theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku.

Looks like me and my fellow Delicate Cutters will be playing Secret Stages in May.

Looking forward to reading this: The complete oral history of Party Down. (In case you don’t know, Party Down is one of the best TV shows ever.)

Dig Gene’s ‘stache in the very first episode of Siskel and Ebert.

Tutorial (video only–no audio) explaining a method of using digital stills as mattes for your videos. (via Trap)

I totally ordered a bread box.

Rockin’ the subway… with iPhones. (via Stu)


Don’t forget, the first of the Birmingham SXSW “Gas Money” shows is tonight at Rojo. Justin Cross, Grey Watson, the Green Seed, and the Rumble Fish will perform.

If you’re looking for more rock and roll after that, I’ll be playing with the Exhibit(s) at Stillwater.

The Exhibit(s)

The Stillwater show starts late (around 10:30 p.m.) and goes till the bar closes.

Gas money.

I’ll be travelling to Austin, Texas, next month to play a South by Southwest showcase gig with Delicate Cutters. Our label, Skybucket, is sponsoring the gig, and several other Birmingham-based bands are playing.

As gas, food, and lodging don’t come cheap these days, some folks have organized four fundraising concerts in Birmingham. The audience for these shows gets some great music, and the bands (hopefully) make it to Austin and back without breaking the bank. Sounds like a win-win to me.

The shows…

Gas Money: Bham Goes to SXSW (Facebook event page)
Feb 19 at Rojo – 7pm
Justin Cross, Grey Watson (of Rubys – pronounced “Rubies”), The Green Seed, The Rumble Fish

Gas Money: Bham Goes to SXSW
Feb 26 at Bottletree – 8pm
Light Skits, The Magic Math, Delicate Cutters, The Grenadines,

Gas Money: Bham Goes to SXSW
March 5 at Spring Street Firehouse – 7pm
Dead Balloons, Teen Getaway, Through The Sparks, Vulture Whale, The Great American Breakdown

Gas Money: Bham Goes to SXSW
March 11 at Bottletree – 8pm
Hrom, The Great Book of John, 13ghosts, The Gum Greek Killers

Gas Money flyer


What would the budget look like if the United States were a middle-class household? (via James Rocchi)

This is a hoot… The Great Gatsby: The Video Game (NES-style). (via

Remember ffmpeg2theora? While it will convert “.mp4” video files, it won’t convert “.mov” files. And that might not be obvious from the app’s… er, minimalist error messages.