Best party ever.

I spent most of my birthday (yesterday) recovering from an epic pre-birthday surprise party that Stacey and several of my friends threw for me Sunday night at Rojo.

AT-AT walker!

And I got a huge toy AT-AT walker! (I know any 12-year-olds reading this are totally jealous now.)

As if the AT-AT wasn’t enough, Stacey also got me some geek-tastic books: Ray Harryhausen: An Animated Life, The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and Keith Richards’s autobiography.

Many thanks to Stacey, Rojo, Berkley (the kick-ass bartender), and all who attended the party. I’m lucky to know such awesome people.


This is probably the most fair and balanced* Interplanetary review you’ll read.

A USB follow-focus for Canon DSLR cameras.

Is the “Prime” program about to get even more awesome? Amazon rolling out Netflix-like unlimited video streaming for Prime subscribers?

The great Roger Ebert is back on public TV. You can watch segments at, and I’ve heard that the site will soon be streaming complete episodes.

Mr. Ebert has been endorsing the MaxiVision48 film projection system for years. He says it’s much more immersive than digital projection or 3D. I am skeptical — anything other 24 frames per second just doesn’t look like “cinema” to me. But I’d really like to see MaxiVision48 for myself at some point.

And one of my favorite shows, Justified, returns to cable TV on February 9.

This is kind of awesome: The Jurassic Park theme, 1000% slower.

Science! Hubble telescope detects galaxy 13.2 billion light years from earth. And some simulated science… “Scale” video shows what Mars and Jupiter would look like if they orbited the earth.

Literature! Unpublished Vonnegut soon to be published!

Documentary! The entertaining Exit Through the Gift Shop is streaming on Hulu for free through Friday. (via Wade)

Any old-school Star Trek fans will want to check out Gene Roddenberry’s original pitch for Star Trek. And they’ll also want to check out the latest episode of Devin Faraci’s brilliant “Star Trekkin'” column over at

This looks too fun: water-powered jetpack. (It is also looks too expensive.)

The real story of the infamous Bullitt car chase scene.

Mr. Edgar Wright talks about what is probably the most “WTF?!” movie Disney ever made: The Black Hole.

* Actually fair and balanced, not Fox News “Fair and Balanced.”


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