Busy Sunday.

I didn’t watch the Superbowl and still managed to keep myself occupied all day Sunday. I caught up with Chuck for a few minutes to watch a rough cut of his sci-fi anthology short (we really need to come up with a title for that thing), then I got together with Trap to work on some screenplay stuff for the feature (also in need of a title) that we’re planning to shoot in a couple of months. A couple of months… yikes. So much to do. But at least we’re not building a space station or anything.

After we got through workin’, Trap and I headed down to the Vestavia Rave movie theater to catch an Oscar contender.

Watched on February 6…

Sometimes it’s harrowing, sometimes it’s entertaining. But, more than anything, 127 Hours is a showcase for actor James Franco, who single-handedly carries the movie for much of its running time. I’ve been impressed with some of Franco’s work in the past (Pineapple Express, TV’s Freaks and Geeks), but he’s outdone himself (and pretty much everybody else) this time.

James Franco in 127 Hours

Also, no disrespect to The King’s Speech, but… if you want to see a movie about a guy overcoming serious adversity, then you want to see 127 Hours.


Free pulp courtesy of Hulu.com: Buck Rogers in Planet Outlaws.

More good Hulu action: the FX drama Lights Out, featuring Holt McCallany, one of my favorite character actors.

I’m digging the Games with Chris podcast, which is created right here in Birmingham, AL. Also digging that Chris gave a nice shout-out to Interplanetary in episode three. Thanks, Chris!

Whoa. A $160 camera that shoots 1,000 frames per second? That’s pretty awesome (though the resolution is only 224 x 64 at that speed). (via Kenn)

Arik has one of these: a ridiculously inexpensive shoulder mount for DSLR cameras. It’s a totally decent rig for the price, and I’ll soon be ordering one for myself.

Arik also told me about this inexpensive fluorescent “softbox” lighting kit. Looks like a pretty good deal, but I haven’t used one personally.

If you like the rock and roll music, check this out: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert from 1979, streaming for free.

Oh, no. The absolutely terrible Legends of the Super Heroes was previously only available on bootleg VHS tapes and DVDs. Now it is “officially” available from the Warner Archive. You can read more about this travesty at Comics101.com.

According to Trailers from Hell, this movie would be a much smarter Warner Archive purchase: Pretty Maids All in a Row.

And Trailers from Hell coverage of a movie I can vouch for: Colossus: The Forbin Project.

A couple of odd (but potentially useful) items courtesy of Staceyphotographer’s gloves and “Multi Lines” extension cords.


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