Coming on like a Megaforce.

So… you can daisy-chain two bus-powered FireWire 800 drives to your Mac, and they’ll show up in the Finder, but you can’t do anything at that point. I mean, other than read the names of files and folders. Is that right?

I ask because I got some pretty nasty error messages when I tried this last night, and I’m kind of afraid to try it again.


Anybody want a shot at a free Interplanetary DVD?

Some excellent person has posted several obscure genre flicks to the interwebs. In their entirety. Said person has included Megaforce, which must be seen to be believed.

Megaforce theatrical movie poster

No, really. Check out this song. It’s in the movie. The Megaforce movie.

Hal Needham directed Megaforce but is better known for his movie stunt work. And he was on Fresh Air yesterday.

Sure, I don’t need a solar charger for my iPhone. I mean, it’s not like I’m going hiking or anything. Still, this Solio “Classic Hybrid” charger looks pretty nifty. And night owls can use it as a lightweight travel charger. (via Stacey)

Brad Bird is getting out of the animation business. (Spoiler alert: not really.) (via James Rocchi)


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