The bonus plan.

I hope nobody is too upset about the lack of “bonus” material on the Interplanetary DVD (now available for pre-order). The disc includes the teaser trailer and a commentary track featuring Stacey, John, and me. In addition to that, I’m working on a few more commentary tracks that’ll be available online (for free, of course).

I mention this because a movie journalist friend recently told me the ideal Interplanetary DVD would contain outtakes, deleted scenes, and a no-holds-barred “making of” documentary. I’d love to have all that stuff on the DVD, too. But Interplanetary was a tough movie to shoot. And putting together a good documentary would be like making a whole other movie. Or at least half a movie.

I will try to put together some outtakes and a couple of deleted scenes and post them online. As soon as I can find some time (ha). And, if enough folks express interest, maybe I’ll put together a “making of” doc in time for the five-year anniversary of the movie’s DVD release.


Here’s another opportunity to win an Interplanetary DVD. This one is from our pals over at

Wow. Kevin Powell, who created the awesome menus for the Hide and Creep “Special Edition” DVD, did this “Sizzle Reel” for the Grammys. Yes, the Grammys.

Finally… a fan film I can get behind. Seriously, this thing really is super. And “Super.” (via Stacey)

Superman animated

Ouch. Based on this in-depth script review at, David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman TV show sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen.

If you grew up in the 1980s, you probably remember the Saturday morning staple Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Apparently, there was another Spidey show on the air around the same time. The latter was syndicated and featured no amazing friends. It would be nice if Marvel (or corporate overlord Disney) would put all of these Spider-Man iterations out on DVD. (also via

I’m probably the last person to find out about TuneIn for the iPhone. But I finally purchased it, and it seems like a pretty great radio-over-IP app. (via Carla Jean)

Need a low-cost (free!), no-frills remote desktop app? Check out (via Juan Blanco)

Get the Dave Gibbons “Journal” font and write your next manifesto Rorschach-style.

This: JLA: One Million. (Now that I’ve blogged the link, maybe I will finally get around to actually ordering it, which I’ve been meaning to do for years.)

I wonder if this pocket gizmo would work as a portable projector for a rock band’s stage show. For kind of a super-low-rent Pink Floyd thing. (via Stacey)

Lastly (and pretty much least-ly), meet Evan Stone, peer-to-peer pirate hunter.


3 Comments on “The bonus plan.”

  1. I totally need a couple good cheap projectors for Tyrannosaurus Mouse.
    Also, I use Logmein every single day. We can control both PC’s and Macs with it. And for those of us who end up being the IT departments for our parents — set it up on mom’s computer so you can log in to fix whatever crazy thing she did to make it so she can’t get email (or whatever) anymore.
    The only real “making of” I ever did was on Millennium Crisis and that only happened because I asked my friend Blair Johnson to please shoot it for me. We took a break one afternoon and shot some interviews and then we made the poor editor at POP Cinema put it together.

  2. Chance says:

    I have tons of stills from shooting INTERPLANETARY, and I believe there is a couple of hours of behind-the-scenes video out there somewhere. I just haven’t had time to organize it. Or to shoot any interview footage.

    LogMeIn is also a (slow) way to get around a corporate “Net Nanny”-type firewall. Assuming LogMeIn itself is not blocked.

  3. The trick is dumping the raw footage into the lap of a professional editor. Yeah, I know, a real jerkwad move but it’s the one we did on Millennium Crisis and it made for a very funny DVD extra.
    Logmein can be slow as molasses. But I’ll tell you, when you’re rendering and you don’t want to be in the same place babysitting those renders, it’s a godsend.
    I’ve told my parents that I will do anything around the house — but not IT. I make my sister do that. And she has logmein on both their machines and has been able to fix most of their problems remotely.

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