Gas money.

I’ll be travelling to Austin, Texas, next month to play a South by Southwest showcase gig with Delicate Cutters. Our label, Skybucket, is sponsoring the gig, and several other Birmingham-based bands are playing.

As gas, food, and lodging don’t come cheap these days, some folks have organized four fundraising concerts in Birmingham. The audience for these shows gets some great music, and the bands (hopefully) make it to Austin and back without breaking the bank. Sounds like a win-win to me.

The shows…

Gas Money: Bham Goes to SXSW (Facebook event page)
Feb 19 at Rojo – 7pm
Justin Cross, Grey Watson (of Rubys – pronounced “Rubies”), The Green Seed, The Rumble Fish

Gas Money: Bham Goes to SXSW
Feb 26 at Bottletree – 8pm
Light Skits, The Magic Math, Delicate Cutters, The Grenadines,

Gas Money: Bham Goes to SXSW
March 5 at Spring Street Firehouse – 7pm
Dead Balloons, Teen Getaway, Through The Sparks, Vulture Whale, The Great American Breakdown

Gas Money: Bham Goes to SXSW
March 11 at Bottletree – 8pm
Hrom, The Great Book of John, 13ghosts, The Gum Greek Killers

Gas Money flyer


What would the budget look like if the United States were a middle-class household? (via James Rocchi)

This is a hoot… The Great Gatsby: The Video Game (NES-style). (via

Remember ffmpeg2theora? While it will convert “.mp4” video files, it won’t convert “.mov” files. And that might not be obvious from the app’s… er, minimalist error messages.


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