Don’t forget, the first of the Birmingham SXSW “Gas Money” shows is tonight at Rojo. Justin Cross, Grey Watson, the Green Seed, and the Rumble Fish will perform.

If you’re looking for more rock and roll after that, I’ll be playing with the Exhibit(s) at Stillwater.

The Exhibit(s)

The Stillwater show starts late (around 10:30 p.m.) and goes till the bar closes.


3 Comments on “Tonight.”

  1. This is seriously one of the best band pictures I’ve ever seen.

  2. Chance says:

    Thanks! We were hanging out way behind the bar at Bailey’s Pub (R.I.P.), where they store all the beer and liquor. Can’t remember who actually took the picture… might have been a guy with an old Polaroid. (The main thing I notice about this photo now is that my hair is really, really short.)

  3. I like that is shows a character for each of the members, the way they react to one another — it’s not necessarily the real and actual personality of all the guys, but it’s a little bit of a story about each one.

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