Official Interplanetary DVD.

I have seen the official Interplanetary DVD. Up close and personal.

Interplanetary DVD and case

And it looks great!

Watched on February 18…

Whiteout isn’t as bad as I’d heard… but it ain’t good. I did like a couple of the action set pieces, Kate Beckinsale has a nice scene or two, and I’m a sucker for any movie set in Antarctica. But the murder mystery plot is more annoying than intriguing. And there are way too many pointless flashbacks.


Interplanetary at

Numbers: as of Saturday, Hide and Creep had logged 13,910 views at its official VOD YouTube page and 13,876 user ratings at Netflix.

Bill Hader is a damn genius. He recently explained the origins of his Saturday Night Live “Stefon” character to David Letterman. (via Stacey)

Reruns of the late, great Firefly are coming to the Science Channel with science commentary by theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku.

Looks like me and my fellow Delicate Cutters will be playing Secret Stages in May.

Looking forward to reading this: The complete oral history of Party Down. (In case you don’t know, Party Down is one of the best TV shows ever.)

Dig Gene’s ‘stache in the very first episode of Siskel and Ebert.

Tutorial (video only–no audio) explaining a method of using digital stills as mattes for your videos. (via Trap)

I totally ordered a bread box.

Rockin’ the subway… with iPhones. (via Stu)


2 Comments on “Official Interplanetary DVD.”

  1. kangas says:

    Why’s Hide & Creep on Youtube for free? You get anything for doing that?

  2. Chance says:

    Our distributor set up a deal with Gravitas VOD. Gravitas sets up movies with ads on YouTube. I assume we’ll get a per-view payment at some point, but I haven’t seen any of that money yet.

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