Escape from Scotland.

Watched on February 22…

Director Neil Marshall’s Doomsday is basically a remake of Escape from New York… except for the part where it is a remake of The Road Warrior. So, yeah, I enjoyed it. Though I could have done without the tedious exposition that, at times, overtakes the movie.

Rhona Mitra in Doomsday


I’ll be drumming for Delicate Cutters Saturday at Bottletree in an attempt to raise some gas money for our upcoming trip to Austin, Texas. Stop by if you can… it should be a fun show. Also, here’s the Facebook event page (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Titus Andronicus performed at Theatre Downtown, with Sly Little (he plays “Jones” in Interplanetary) as the bad guy? Count me in.

Here’s a glimpse at that anthology movie I’ve mentioned a few times: the teaser trailer for Robb Rugan’s segment (AKA Infected).

An inexpensive, optical theremin. Brilliant! Go order one for yourself like right now. hosts audio files online, kind of like an audio-only version of YouTube or Vimeo. Here’s a Soundcloud test file I posted (audio from the Interplanetary teaser trailer)…

I trust I can rely on your vote: Radiohead destroys “Electioneering” on Jay Leno’s show (of all places), circa 1997.

Speaking of Radiohead, you might have heard about a little album they released last week (that’d be The King of Limbs). Here’s the best review I’ve seen of that album, courtesy of the excellent AV Club.

A guy used his cellphone to beat a speeding ticket.

Get your Kirk on: Classic Star Trek comes to Netflix “Watch Instantly.” (via TechBlog)

Fellow iPhone users: You’re well aware that Apple won’t let us use mobile Flash on iOS devices. Maybe we’re not missing that much.


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