I wonder if there’s a Gap on Earth-2.

Two images for today’s post, since I included zero on Tuesday. First, hipster Power Girl…

Hipster Power Girl

(Via BadassDigest.com via ComicsAlliance.com)

Watched on March 1…

As much as it’s a suspense film, A Perfect Getaway is a film about the conventions of suspense films, and how a good director (David Twohy, who made the excellent and underseen Below) can use (or abuse) those conventions to entertain an audience. It gets a little loose at the end, but, otherwise, Getaway is a taught and clever treat for genre fans.

Still from A Perfect Getaway


No, I don’t need an iPad 2. But I still want one.

Speaking of cool Apple products, here’s a nice Mac OS X “Lion” preview from Engadget.com.

For StaceyDune plus Goodnight Moon equals Goodnight Dune.


One Comment on “I wonder if there’s a Gap on Earth-2.”

  1. kangas says:

    Perfect Getaway is a great movie–I was one of the eight people who saw it in the theater(’cause I dig Twohy’s stuff).

    It was a victim of advertising–if they show you enough to get you interested in the movie, they’d blow the surprises…so it just looked like a run-of-the-mill couples on vacation get terrorized by murderer/s…

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