Don’t be hating.

I’m a fairly obsessive student of pop culture, especially the movie industry. So, every year, I get sick of the Oscars three or four months before the winners are announced. I hate to see any kind of art turned into a sports thing with winners and losers. Even if I was into that, Oscar voters are too easily influenced by extraneous factors for the Academy Awards to be “fair” in any sense. And, to top it off, the entertainment press spends so much time determining favorites, there’s not any suspense, as you pretty much know the winners six weeks before they roll out the red carpet.

I realized Friday night that the Oscars aren’t for me. Janet and I were on the way home from our gig at Pegasus Records. She mentioned the Oscars, saying she doesn’t have time to keep up with movies, but she watches the Academy Awards show every year. And she makes notes to herself while watching. “Oh, Colin Firth, cool, I need to see The King’s Speech. Wow, that Natalie Portman Black Swan movie looks cool.” That sort of stuff. By the end of the show, she has a big list of movies to check out.

So I’m not going to hate on the Oscars anymore. Especially if the Academy continues to nominate (and, therefore, advertise for) more good movies than bad (as they did this year). (Also, 127 Hours probably would have never played in Birmingham, Alabama, without the “Best Picture” nomination.)

By the way, Pegasus Records (it’s in Florence, Alabama) is an awesome store. Tons of vinyl, CDs and movies, new and used, at good prices. And the rock show Delicate Cutters played there was so much fun. Lots of folks sitting on the floor with BYOB drinks, listening to live music, browsing the racks between sets. Here’s a photo I took from behind the drums of Janet, the audience, and a bit of Kevin’s fiddle…

Delicate Cutters at Pegasus Records in Florence, AL

Thanks to Pegasus for having us, and thanks to the other two excellent bands, Belle Adair and The Bear, for sharing the “stage” with us.


Nice… another very positive Interplanetary review.

Season two of Archer has started showing up on

The HyperDrive is an external hard drive for the iPad.

Speaking of the iPad… Apple has changed the rules of the game, and no one else is really even playing at this point. That said, Apple won’t really be “post-PC” until they cut the cord.

This makes me happy: some guy in Sweden just started his own DVD distribution company. He’s not trying to get rich–he just loves movies. His catalog currently consists of two obscure (and, apparently, wacky) Asian movies, and I plan to purchase both as soon as they’re available. is a funny website. Genuinely funny. Here’s a good example: “Ten Things You Need to Stop Tweeting About.”

Axe Cop is written by a five-year-old and drawn by his adult brother. And it is brilliant.

I love VLC. For video watching on my Macs, I find it much more useful than the standard QuickTime player. But I was noticing yesterday that VLC doesn’t play a DVD quite as well as the Apple DVD Player app. I mean, it plays the DVD fine, but the motion is a little choppy. (I probably noticed this because I was watching Panic Room, a movie full of long, precise camera moves.) I wonder if there’s just some VLC DVD-motion-playback option I don’t have set correctly.

The only thing I need less than a Blade Runner sequel is a Blade Runner prequel. But they’ll probably make one anyway. I hope it tanks harder than Tr2n.

Oh, wait. In even worse movie news, The Phantom Menace is coming back to theaters. In 3D. I hope it tanks harder than the Blade Runner prequel.


3 Comments on “Don’t be hating.”

  1. Ninja Dixon says:

    Thanks for the link, man! I appreciate it! I really hope people are gonna like the weird movies I’ve found 🙂

    I started a facebook-page also, for those who want to check out the original artwork I find all over the world.


  2. Ninja Dixon says:

    And I’m really looking forward to Interplanetary!

  3. Chance says:

    Hey, Fred! Great hearing from you. I’ll post the Facebook info tomorrow, in case anyone misses it here in the comments. Viva Attackafant!

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