Interplanetary gets half of a full-page ad in the March issue of Rue Morgue magazine. Dig it!

Interplanetary ad from Rue Morgue Magazine

Watched on March 8…

The makers of Bitch Slap employ just about every trick in the book (slow-mo, split screen, green screen, bad CG, flashbacks, push-up bras) except a good story. Or any story for that matter. I guess it’s supposed to be a Russ Meyer-meets-Kill Bill thing. I dunno… I quit paying attention after fifteen minutes.

Monsters is a misleading title. People would be more accurate, as Monsters is basically a mumblecore movie about, you know, relationships and stuff. The giant creature action is relegated to the “B” story. The photography is good, the special effects are often sublime, and the actors are appealing. All that is, unfortunately, balanced out with some clunky dialog and ham-fisted allegory. Not quite balanced… the good outweighs the bad. Call it a “B-.”


You can now subscribe to the Crewless Podcast via iTunes. (Note: there’s only one very short episode available at the moment. The first “real” episode should be released on March 15, the day Interplanetary hits DVD. That said, feel free to go ahead and subscribe!)

Speaking of iTunes, here’s an explanation of that application’s “Remember Playback Position” option.

Wanna help a whole bunch of Birmingham musicians (including me and my fellow Delicate Cutters) make their way to Austin, Texas, to play a South by Southwest showcase? Donate a few bucks for gas, food, and lodging.

Good news, everybody! Shane Black is writing and directing Iron Man 3.


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