Emails from Amazon.

Anybody else get any emails from Amazon pimping Interplanetary?

Email I received from

I ask because I’m hoping they’re trying to sell the movie to people who, unlike me, haven’t already seen it a hundred times.


Janet from Delicate Cutters will be on online radio station “the Mountain” tonight (sometime between 7 and 9 o’clock) talking about our upcoming trip to Austin, TX, for South by Southwest. I hear she’ll have her guitar with her, so there will hopefully be some in-studio performing involved. And tomorrow night Janet will be playing at Bottletree with one of her other bands, Gum Creek Killers.

I recently mentioned up-and-coming micro-distributor Attackafant. Fred, the man in charge at Attackafant, contacted me via the Tacos and Beer comments and mentioned his Facebook page “for those who want to check out the original artwork I find all over the world.” If you’re a Facebooker, be sure to give it a look.


2 Comments on “Emails from Amazon.”

  1. kangas says:

    Haven’t gotten an email about your flick, but if I had a buck for everytime they tried to sell me “Fear of Clowns” 1 or 2, I’d have a mint. I’m like, Amazon, I MADE them!

    How can Amazon be so smart sometimes, yet so dumb?

  2. Chance says:

    So it’s just as I feared. They’re preaching to the choir!

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