So I got an iPad 2…

…and it’s pretty cool.

iPad 2

(And difficult to photograph.)


Just in time for the DVD release tomorrow: a new Interplanetary website.

Finally! New episodes of Justified are available on Hulu!

This Beyond Oblivion “music locker” is an interesting idea. But I just can’t see how the math works. (via John P. Strohm)

It ain’t dead yet! Old-school Kodak How Film is Made documentary on (via somebody on Twitter… probably Kevin Powell)

I heard a little bit of Hayes Carll’s music on NPR one night, and it sounds like he might be an actual country singer. I need to investigate further.

My friend Marge at the day job recommended The Killers: Live from the Royal Albert Hall DVD. Looks like it’s got “All These Things That I’ve Done” on it. I love that song.

How to watch BBC iPlayer shows outside the UK. Allegedly. I sure as heck couldn’t get the iPlayer to work on my non-UK computer.

I need some good, inexpensive headphones. And a popper stopper. For recording podcasts and whatnot. I also need to find the time to record some podcasts.

Stacey needs some Justice League cartoons.

“For example ‘Big Balls’ lyrics uses double entendres, referring the title phrase to costume dance balls and to testicles.” You crack me up, Wikipedia.


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