More on that iPad 2.

I’m not a total Apple fanboy, but I like Apple gadgets enough that I had a difficult time resisting the siren call of the original iPad. Then I totally caved and bought a new (and slightly improved) iPad 2 about an hour after it went on sale last week. And I must admit, I really dig it.

Many argue that the iPad is just a “big iPhone.” Well, sure. But the iPhone is an excellent pocket computer/media player, and, in many ways, the iPad is an “even more of a good thing” device. The larger screen is better for watching video, playing games, and reading (I’m already digging comic books on the iPad). And the iPad’s more powerful processor makes my iPhone 3GS seem pretty slow. Heck, sometimes the iPad makes my iMac seem slow.

The larger screen and faster processor have already allowed for at least one “killer app”: GarageBand. I’ve only experimented briefly with GarageBand, but I can see it is going to be a useful tool for musicians. It’s kind of like the little cassette (analog tape!) four-track recorders we used back in the day. But an iPad is more portable than a four-track, and GarageBand features lots of smart automation I couldn’t have dreamed of ten years ago. The thing even does MIDI guitars that actually sound like guitars. And GarageBand will only set you back five bucks — cheaper than a pair of drum sticks!

Gmail on the iPad 2

The other app I’ve found that illustrates the iPad’s potential is the Gmail web client. So it’s not even really an app–it’s just a web site optimized for the iPad. But the Gmail developers have taken full advantage of the iPad’s display, processor, and touch interface and created the best email client I’ve ever seen.

At this point, my only real gripe with the iPad 2 is the lack of Flash video support. I know Flash for mobile devices is difficult to implement, and I know Apple is pushing for the leaner, meaner HTML5 video standard. HTML5 will be the standard method of web video delivery one day, but a Flash option would really help out with web browsing right now.

And, as gorgeous as the LED display is on the iPad 2… it would be twice as gorgeous if they could double the resolution. This is more of an issue for reading fine print than for video or games. But I expect that it’s impossible to offer that kind of resolution (this would be better than 1080p) on a $500 device. At least for now. By the time the iPad 3 or 4 or 5 is released… who knows?

In the meantime, I’m having a good time with my iPad 2. And I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the next killer app.

Watched on March 14…

Cedar Rapids has a pretty good screenplay and a very good cast. John C. Reilly is a damn genius. Also: “This is America, there’s a separation between church and insurance. It’s in the Constitution!”


Stacey and I adopted a kitten. Her name is “Constance,” and we’re hoping she’ll be good company for Yossarian (our relatively grown-up kitty) when we’re not at home. She’s awfully cute…

Constance the kitten

Skybucket Records will be releasing the Delicate Cutters album Some Creatures in July. But you can download the first single, “Warm Beer and Sympathy,” right now for free. The song is also available on the (also free) Skybucket Spring Summer Sampler 2011.

Here’s a very nice Oxford American blog post about all of us Birmingham bands making the trek to Austin, Texas, to play a showcase at Annie’s West on Saturday.

Looks like is big Hollywood’s bitch. (via TechBlog)

This recut Ferris Bueller trailer is a nice example of how much editing, music, and even font choice dictate the tone of a piece of video. (via Stacey)

Cool… John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness is now streaming at Netflix. (via Drew)

Even cooler… John Carpenter’s The Thing (AKA best horror movie ever) is also streaming at Netflix.

Wanna hear four unreleased songs that were originally recorded for the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World soundtrack? Of course you do.

This set report from the upcoming “adult” Spider-Man vs. Superman XXX movie is… interesting. And not what I expected.

Yeah, I’m the kind of nerd who wants a home theater calibration disc.


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