One week after.

As you might have heard, Interplanetary hit DVD last Tuesday. I’ve been shamelessly pimping the option, but that’s not the only way to see our little Mars movie. The awesome Paige (at Shock-O-Rama, our awesome distributor) let me know about these additional Interplanetary merchants…

Planets and Interplanetary Travel

Brick and mortar sales: Interplanetary is available at all Hastings and select TWE stores, as well as Amoeba in L.A. and Kim’s Video in New York City.

Brick and mortar rental: Family Video, America’s largest independent video rental chain, offers Interplanetary in all of its stores.

Online sales: you can purchase the DVD from most of the virtual movie retailers, including Barnes and Noble, Borders,, TLA, and Movies Unlimited.

Amazon Redux: it is unlikely Interplanetary will be offered for free through Amazon’s new “Prime” VOD program. It should be available soon for sale or rental as an Amazon digital download, though.

Netflix: no word yet from Netflix.

TV video-on-demand: no news on this yet. Paige told me that this market is increasingly difficult to crack. However, she is working a couple of different angles and is “cautiously optimistic.”


Interplanetary listing at

The second episode of the Crewless podcast/commentary thing is now available.

Amazon is selling 100 digital albums for five bucks each. For a limited time only, I assume. There’s some good stuff to choose from. I recommend the Queen “hits” collection (20 songs!), Nirvana’s In Utero, and Radiohead’s OK Computer. (via Stacey)

Andy Ihnatko’s thorough iPad 2 review.


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