Stacey got me this awesome, huge, Spider-man poster for Valentine’s Day, and I finally got around to hanging it last week.

Spider-man poster

I hope that photo does the poster justice. It’s like twice the size of our TV.

(We found out about the poster thanks to an article at BadassDigest.com.)

Watched on March 26…

While I was watching Jumper, I was thinking maybe the movie got a bad rap. It isn’t high art or anything, but I really like the way the filmmakers use quick edits to convey the point of view of the antagonist (he’s a teleporter, kind of like Nightcrawler in X-men 2). And the cinematography is nice. Then the last five minutes of the movie played out, and those five minutes were so stupid that I said, “Yeah, the critics were right, Jumper sucks.”

Watched on March 27…

Stacey and I saw the first hour or so of Sucker Punch. In IMAX. It looked and sounded so good. Then there was a fire alarm. So we had to leave. But just for a few minutes, as there was no actual fire. When we got back to the theater, we waited around for a long while, but the staff couldn’t get the projector working again. Which seems weird. I mean, I assume it’s all digital and whatnot. Can’t you just turn it off, wait ten seconds, then turn it back on?

Anyway, Damon Houx over at CHUD.com saw all of Sucker Punch and had some interesting things to say about it.


Interplanetary in the UK! (via Paul)

New music from the (remaining) Cars. (also via Paul)

Like I always say, people should remake bad movies. Like Plan 9 from Outer Space. Note: I haven’t remade Plan 9 but I did borrow pretty liberally from it one time. (via Stacey)

Netflix has a new competitor with an interesting spin on the whole “streaming movie” thing.

You can read tons of digital scans of public domain comic books at the Digital Comic Museum.


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