That interview with Michael and me (I mentioned it yesterday) has already been edited and posted. You can check it out at (Note: contains some salty language. Parental discretion is advised.)

Killer Reviews Podcast


Newspaper thinktank predicted the iPad in 1994. The story is pretty interesting, but you have to watch the video for the full effect.

Are the BlackBerry PlayBook and LG G-Slate ready to take on iPad2? (Apparently not. But both do offer Flash support.)

Pretend you are a super computer hacker–just like in the movies–with Hacker Typer.

“Digital, no matter what people tell you, it’s bullshit. They say, ‘Oh, it looks just like film.’ It doesn’t look like film and never will.” Finally, Michael Bay and I agree on something.


Skype again.

Michael Shelton (“Steve” in Interplanetary) and I did an interview over Skype on Tuesday night with the good folks at

Skype iMac setup

I still don’t quite understand my FireWire audio interface thing and its relationship to Skype. So Michael and I had to share a mic. Oh, well.

The interview itself was a lot of fun. And epic, at more than two hours. I’ll let you know when it goes “live” at the KillerReviews website.


My band Delicate Cutters made the Largehearted Boy daily downloads list on Tuesday.

As far as internet lists go, this one ain’t bad: The 30 Best Wilco Songs. Note: you should replace number 19 (“One Wing”) with “Hotel Arizona” from Being There. (via Stacey, of course)

Million dollar book prices on Amazon due to algorithms gone wild.

I realize this one is pretty obscure, but I like it: Zardoz, 8-bit style.

I am a picky eater. Which I am okay with. Scientists started studying people like me and saying there is an “adult picky eater disorder.” Really? Throwing around the “D” word ’cause a grown-up won’t eat his or her veggies? More nonsense here.

In the bag.

I mentioned my AmazonBasics camera bag a while back. There are hundreds of camera bags available these days, but you can’t get many of them for less than $40. I also think the AmazonBasics bag is just about the perfect size for a DSLR-based video production kit.

Here’s a photo of my bag…

Chance's bag photo 1

The main contents there are the Canon 7D camera and Zoom H4n audio recorder. The primary compartment also holds a lav mic, three lenses, FireWire cables, ND filters, batteries, chargers, compact flash cards, and a few other odds and ends.

The first outer zipper compartment holds an XLR mic cable and a compact flash card reader. (Plus clapper sticks if I want to squeeze them in there.)

Chance's camera bag photo 2

And I keep the owner’s manual in the smaller, second outer zipper compartment.

Except for a tripod, boom pole, and shotgun mic, that’s pretty much everything I’d need to make a movie. Or at least shoot an interview. Digital video might not be as pretty as film, but the equipment is a heck of a lot more portable.

By the way, the AmazonBasics netbook bag is great, too. It holds my iPad 2, charger, cable, and cleaning cloth. With room to spare. But not too much room to spare.


Kinder Eggs are illegal in America. Thankfully, there’s a petition you can sign to help end this injustice. (via Paul)

Moose and squirrel, fans: you can now watch Rocky and Bullwinkle on Hulu!

All of today’s post was stolen from the Pandora Machine.

One day, I want to build a Hackintosh. (via a comment on Andrew’s blog)

Also via Andrew’s blog, check out this photo…

Bomb suit

I don’t know about you, but that gear reminds me of Chuck’s red/beige Interplanetary space suit. Life imitating art? Here’s Andrew’s original post.

Talking about Interplanetary.

There are now a total of five commetary tracks available for Interplanetary: one on the DVD and four more available as interweb downloads. I believe that’s even more commentary action than you can get for Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World.

Speaking of Interplanetary, Paige at AC sent me this review and ad from Videoscope magazine (click for something more readable)…

Smaller Videoscope Interplanetary

Watched on April 19…

Hunter Prey: solid costume design and makeup effects, a great location (Baja desert), good-looking cinematography (including plenty of lens flares)… too bad the story is thin. Bonus points for featuring Erin Gray as the voice of the computer.


Another nice Interplanetary review: “Now, let us wish/pray for a sequel. Interplanetarys?”

I heard about this on the excellent Alternative Cinema Podcast: Sledgehammer, the first ever shot-on-video slasher film, is coming to DVD this summer. According to IMDB, the director has an Alabama connection. Maybe someone could get him to visit Sidewalk sometime.

This is very groovy: the Otomata generative online sound sequencer. And here’s an Otomata piece I… er, composed. (via Chris)

Good question: “Why Does The Entertainment Industry Seek To Kill Any Innovation That’s Helping It Adapt?” (via John P. Strohm)

And while we’re on that subject: “Hulu is popular, but that wasn’t the goal.”

This article says that mSpot is starting a “Movie Club” to make its service more like Netflix. But it’s not like Netflix at all, because “Club” members can’t watch unlimited streaming content. And the “points” system looks really convoluted. At best, mSpot is competing with Amazon’s VOD service. And all I can say to anybody going after Amazon is “good luck with that.”

Uh oh. Looks like Big Brother is watching all of us iPhone users. Sort of. (via TechBlog)

End of an era.

Stacey and I had been storing the remains of the “Mars Base Two” set (doors, doorways, and a few walls) in our basement. Trap and I took them down to my grandfather’s place on Sunday (he’ll use them for scrap lumber), thus tying up one of the final Interplanetary loose ends.

I did keep one of our “space doors” as a souvenir.

Spece door

The day was not without surprises. When I went to pick up a rental truck, the U-Haul clerk asked, “Do you have another driver’s license?” Why would I have another driver’s license? “This one expired two months ago.”

Aw, crap.

Thankfully, Trap’s license is up-to-date, so I returned to the U-Haul place with him in tow as my designated (and legal) driver. Aside from the “Mars Base Two” lumber, we packed a bunch of junk that Stacey and I had inadvertently hoarded over the past few years. Mom said she’d sell it at the swap meet in Brierfield. (Apparently, there is a swap meet in Brierfield. Or maybe they call it a flea market.)

As if our Sunday wasn’t busy enough, Trap and I also found some time to scout some dirt roads on my parents’ property. Those roads will hopefully serve as the setting for a chase scene in Trap’s upcoming feature (tentatively titled High Falls).


Oh, nice. Somebody posted a positive Interplanetary review at Using his Real Name™, even. Thanks, Patrick Collins!

I know that film is dead and everything. Okay, maybe not, but it is expensive. Then I see a site like this, and I want to load up my Aaton.

Burn Notice Sam Axe bonus episode on Hulu!

“With live-action, you’re trying to catch little moments of lightning in a bottle. In animation you’re trying to do that too, but you’re doing it one volt at a time.” (via Stacey)

You can get the iPad edition of the latest issue of Wired magazine for free. I downloaded it, and I’m impressed with the user interface and multimedia integration. It really feels like a “futuristic” way to read a magazine. Heck, even the ads are cool on the iPad. That said, at $3.99 per issue, it’s just too damn expensive. Especially considering that you can get a print subscription for half that. And you can read most of the Wired content for free at

Did Adobe just blink?

A friend at the day job sent me this… Some Empire Strikes Back fans are trying to build a life-size, working AT-AT.

This makes me want to quit Facebook. Again. (via Kristen)

Saturday night.

If you’re in the Birmingham (Alabama, not England) area, you should really stop by WorkPlay tomorrow night for the Old 97’s show.


The Old 97’s are a terrific live band, and I can just about guarantee you’ll have a good time.

(After that, you should stop by Stillwater for some late-night rock and roll courtesy of my band the Exhibit(s). We’ll be playing well past midnight.)