Car rig.

The always brilliant Trap assembled a small-yet-awesome car rig on Saturday. Using a couple of magnets, it lets you mount a DSLR camera to the hood of a vehicle. It’s especially useful for photographing the driver from outside the windshield. Here’s a little bit of test footage we shot…

And here are a couple of Trap’s cellphone photos of the rig in action…

Car rig

Car rig, passenger POV

(That’s my Canon 7D atop the rig.)

I’m hoping to employ this rig soon for a music video shoot. After that, we’ll be using it for Trap’s feature (which we’re currently calling High Falls).


Wade Kwon posted a link to this “My $200 Laptop Can Beat Your $500 Tablet” blog entry by Tom Dunlap at As a recent iPad convert, I was going to write a rebuttal. Then I re-read Dunlap’s original and realized his arguments are mostly useless. Right in the headline, he’s comparing the price of a used laptop ($200) to the price of a new iPad 2 ($500)–that’s misleading (at best). Then he complains about the lack of good physical keyboards for the iPad, stating “Flimsy, add-on keyboards don’t cut it.” Since you can use any Bluetooth keyboard with an iPad, I’m pretty sure you can find one that is not “flimsy.”

This goes on for a while, and Dunlap never even mentions the iPad’s lack of Flash support (one of the tablet’s actual shortcomings). If he was trying to write an informative article about mobile computing, he failed miserably. If he was just spewing nonsense in an attempt to generate page views… well, I guess he did a good job.

* * * * *

Water is wet. Fire is hot. And cinema moves at 24 frames per second. (Thanks to Stu Maschwitz for writing this so I didn’t have to.)

I wonder if I could make a “Hackintosh” out of one of these new Commodore 64 computers? ‘Cause that would be awesome.

I found this “gray market” DVD of Sorceress after reading about the flick at


8 Comments on “Car rig.”

  1. This is the only good-looking footage of anyone ever shot inside a car. Maybe it’s because of the dancing shadows? Maybe it’s because of the lens flare? Maybe it’s because you’re so handsome?
    Nobody knows. But boy does it look good.

  2. Chance says:

    Well, thanks, Andrew! This footage is from a quick and dirty test, but I think it is pretty good. I think you’re right… the trick to keeping it interesting is finding stuff to reflect off the windshield. Like the trees during the day and the lens flares at night.

    I do think the daytime stuff could use a bit of polarization, so the driver isn’t totally obscured by the blue sky reflection. I’m going to try that next time.

  3. Yeah, there’s some polarization needed in the daytime stuff. When you’re under trees it’s pretty awesome though.
    The nighttime is just… spectacular. I take it you’re not even trying to light the inside of the car (there’s no hidden interior light going on there). The light from outside dancing on your face looks — I mean really — like a very high end multi-million dollar picture.

  4. Chance says:

    We played with adding a little light with the car’s “map light” or whatever you call the interior lights. That last segment of test footage is definitely available light only, though. (Not counting the tiny bit of light generated by the dashboard controls.) We’re shooting at 1250 ASA on a 28mm Nikon lens at F2.

    I want to try this again in a “proper” downtown area with more outside lights. We shot this test near a strip mall, and the only street lights we could find were in a big parking lot. (And a car wash!)

  5. Trap says:

    Notice how Chance had no comment on the “handsome” comment. He also did not comment on how he was focused on watching the camera just in case it started to fall off. So on the second run (dark) we safety tied it to the windshield wipers. Fun stuff though.

  6. Chance says:

    Aw, Trap, you know I can’t take a compliment.

  7. Chance thinks his beauty is a curse. Like people won’t take him seriously because he’s too damn good-looking.
    It’s hard to be him.
    And Trap — that’s a really sweet rigging job you did. I’ve worked on a lot of indie films with half-assed camera rigs on cars and this is SWEET.
    Plus the planning of driving through those parking lots just looked fantastic. If I ever do a show with driving scenes (which to me are cinematically boring most the time) I hope to get it half as good looking as the nighttime stuff here.

  8. Wade Kwon says:

    Always happy to provide fodder for the bloggers …

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