I’m finally editing a music video I shot with Arik a few months ago. I’m editing it with Adobe’s Premiere Pro, which can natively handle those weird video files you get from the Canon DSLR cameras (like the 5D and 7D). I don’t like Premiere as much as Final Cut Pro, but it ain’t bad. It’s a lot better than it was the last time I tried it (ten or so years ago).

Screen shot 2011-04-12 at 12.18.04 AM

I mention all of this because you will soon be able to rent Adobe software, including Premiere Pro and After Effects. This doesn’t change the fact that Adobe’s stuff is twice as expensive as it should be. But it provides an interesting option for someone who only needs to use After Effects one or two months out of the year.


Really positive Interplanetary review (scroll down — it’s at the bottom).

Wow. Actual budget numbers from the Asylum. (via Andrew)

The iPad just got awesome-er: Atari Brings 100 Retro Titles to iOS.

No iPad? No problem. Play lots o’ classic Atari games inside your web browser for free at Play Atari.

The AV Club interviews director John Carpenter. (via Kenn)

Firefly superfans (AKA “Browncoats”), Scientologists, and Objectivists are ruining the internet.


4 Comments on “Rent.”

  1. kangas says:

    First, the CS5 suite is AWESOME, and much better than Final Cut at pretty much everything short of color correction(and it’s CLOSE with that now).

    Second, I don’t know who that idiot is who’s whining about the Browncoats, but he says that 100% of the books on that list are “shit”.

    I’d like to see his list of great novels, as “Atlas Shrugged” is a pretty incredible book–and a couple others on there are easily defensible also(“Lord of the Rings”)…I’d bet money he hasn’t read any of them…

    But I’d also like to point out, who the fuck cares? People are ruining “polls”? Man, it’s a freakin’ injustice! Where’s Congress?

  2. Chance says:

    After Effects is definitely awesome. (And confusing, but that’s my fault for not studying it enough.) And I’m liking the other Adobe stuff as I use it more. I still prefer FCP for editing, just because I’m so familiar with it. All that said, I’d like to see Adobe’s prices come down. Not that I expect it to happen.

    I was being sarcastic about people ruining the internet. Polls are useless, sure. I just thought it was interesting that those examples show a reason WHY polls are useless (i.e. they can be gamed by small but passionate/organized groups).

    • kangas says:

      Yeah, it’s expensive, but you can always get the suite pretty cheap if you know a student. (you can order the student edition for much cheaper–same exact edition, but you need to prove that it’s for a student before it’s activated)

      And yeah, I wasn’t bagging on you, I was bagging on the guy pushing his opinion as fact on that other site. (“these books are all shit”)

  3. I like software rental. We used to be able to rent my favorite digital audio workstation, Samplitude, but they stopped that program.
    There’s merit to renting After Effects, if you consider the updates are free you might even come out (slightly) ahead.

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