Car rig 2.

Trap and I shot some footage for a Delicate Cutters video Tuesday night using Trap’s car rig (that I mentioned a few days ago). Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo of the car rig, Janet, and Janet’s Volvo.

Janet and car rig

We rolled for an hour or so, and the rig worked great. The camera (my Canon 7D) didn’t work so great, due to bumpy downtown Birmingham roads and the 7D’s rolling shutter issues. Too bad we didn’t shoot 35mm!

Still, I think we got some nice footage. I’ll post a link to the video when it’s done.


Looks like the next version of After Effects will include some pretty powerful image stabilization tools.

Kenn sent me a link to a Facebook post wherein Peter Jackson explains why he’s shooting 48 frames per second (instead of the usual 24) for the new Hobbit movies. As I told Kenn, this still sounds like bullshit to me. Jackson talks about the “lifelike” look of 48 fps footage. If you want lifelike, watch ESPN HD. Jackson’s only possibly valid point is that 48 fps makes 3D movies less headache-inducing. A better way to make movies less headache-inducing: shoot 24 fps in 2D.

According to CNBC, Birmingham, Alabama, might be a cool place to live one day. Even though it is prone to tornadoes. (via Wade)

In-depth (and technical) article about “Native ISO” and Canon’s DSLR cameras.

Maybe a movie’s box office performance doesn’t matter anymore.

Fake plastic crowds. (via Arik)

There’s a sale on Red Giant Software through April 17. (Coupon code “NAB2011” at checkout for 20% off.)

This is very funny: “Superman Origin Comics.” (via

What is Inline-Block? (Hint: it’s a value for the CSS “display” property that might help you with HTML page layout. Or not.)

Watch several episodes of Austin City Limits at the PBS website. (via Wade)


3 Comments on “Car rig 2.”

  1. kangas says:

    That’s funny–you got the same exact pan head I have. (found 3 of them in an eBay auction for like $30 a few years back)

    And honestly, a buddy shot a movie with a lot of those car-cam mounted shots, and the reflection of the sky really just blew everything out on the windshield. Half the time you couldn’t see people in the car. I think you need a gloomy day and a polarizer to make it work…

  2. I didn’t realize you had a pan head! Automation baby!

    If I lived in Birmingham I would wear one of these shirts every day:

  3. Chance says:

    Kangas: I see the windshield reflections as a benefit. Maybe not for dialog scenes, but the reflections and lens flares I’m getting from street lights at night are almost surreal.

    Andrew: At this point, the electric head is the only thing we have that we can easily mount to the rig. We’re not really operating it during the driving.

    And I am totally going to get one of those shirts, even though I’m in the wrong Birmingham!

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