End of an era.

Stacey and I had been storing the remains of the “Mars Base Two” set (doors, doorways, and a few walls) in our basement. Trap and I took them down to my grandfather’s place on Sunday (he’ll use them for scrap lumber), thus tying up one of the final Interplanetary loose ends.

I did keep one of our “space doors” as a souvenir.

Spece door

The day was not without surprises. When I went to pick up a rental truck, the U-Haul clerk asked, “Do you have another driver’s license?” Why would I have another driver’s license? “This one expired two months ago.”

Aw, crap.

Thankfully, Trap’s license is up-to-date, so I returned to the U-Haul place with him in tow as my designated (and legal) driver. Aside from the “Mars Base Two” lumber, we packed a bunch of junk that Stacey and I had inadvertently hoarded over the past few years. Mom said she’d sell it at the swap meet in Brierfield. (Apparently, there is a swap meet in Brierfield. Or maybe they call it a flea market.)

As if our Sunday wasn’t busy enough, Trap and I also found some time to scout some dirt roads on my parents’ property. Those roads will hopefully serve as the setting for a chase scene in Trap’s upcoming feature (tentatively titled High Falls).


Oh, nice. Somebody posted a positive Interplanetary review at Amazon.com. Using his Real Name™, even. Thanks, Patrick Collins!

I know that film is dead and everything. Okay, maybe not, but it is expensive. Then I see a site like this, and I want to load up my Aaton.

Burn Notice Sam Axe bonus episode on Hulu!

“With live-action, you’re trying to catch little moments of lightning in a bottle. In animation you’re trying to do that too, but you’re doing it one volt at a time.” (via Stacey)

You can get the iPad edition of the latest issue of Wired magazine for free. I downloaded it, and I’m impressed with the user interface and multimedia integration. It really feels like a “futuristic” way to read a magazine. Heck, even the ads are cool on the iPad. That said, at $3.99 per issue, it’s just too damn expensive. Especially considering that you can get a print subscription for half that. And you can read most of the Wired content for free at Wired.com.

Did Adobe just blink?

A friend at the day job sent me this… Some Empire Strikes Back fans are trying to build a life-size, working AT-AT.

This makes me want to quit Facebook. Again. (via Kristen)


2 Comments on “End of an era.”

  1. Dude! Dirt roads? Like from after the zombie vampire apocalypse? Where the One Man who can save the world roams?
    Your blog readers need pictures…

  2. Chance says:

    Nothing that fancy for this project. Just a dirt road where guys with guns in a truck chase an unarmed guy on a four-wheeler.

    Though I do have some ideas brewing for a post-zombie-vampire-apocalypse flick…

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