Talking about Interplanetary.

There are now a total of five commetary tracks available for Interplanetary: one on the DVD and four more available as interweb downloads. I believe that’s even more commentary action than you can get for Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World.

Speaking of Interplanetary, Paige at AC sent me this review and ad from Videoscope magazine (click for something more readable)…

Smaller Videoscope Interplanetary

Watched on April 19…

Hunter Prey: solid costume design and makeup effects, a great location (Baja desert), good-looking cinematography (including plenty of lens flares)… too bad the story is thin. Bonus points for featuring Erin Gray as the voice of the computer.


Another nice Interplanetary review: “Now, let us wish/pray for a sequel. Interplanetarys?”

I heard about this on the excellent Alternative Cinema Podcast: Sledgehammer, the first ever shot-on-video slasher film, is coming to DVD this summer. According to IMDB, the director has an Alabama connection. Maybe someone could get him to visit Sidewalk sometime.

This is very groovy: the Otomata generative online sound sequencer. And here’s an Otomata piece I… er, composed. (via Chris)

Good question: “Why Does The Entertainment Industry Seek To Kill Any Innovation That’s Helping It Adapt?” (via John P. Strohm)

And while we’re on that subject: “Hulu is popular, but that wasn’t the goal.”

This article says that mSpot is starting a “Movie Club” to make its service more like Netflix. But it’s not like Netflix at all, because “Club” members can’t watch unlimited streaming content. And the “points” system looks really convoluted. At best, mSpot is competing with Amazon’s VOD service. And all I can say to anybody going after Amazon is “good luck with that.”

Uh oh. Looks like Big Brother is watching all of us iPhone users. Sort of. (via TechBlog)


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