In the bag.

I mentioned my AmazonBasics camera bag a while back. There are hundreds of camera bags available these days, but you can’t get many of them for less than $40. I also think the AmazonBasics bag is just about the perfect size for a DSLR-based video production kit.

Here’s a photo of my bag…

Chance's bag photo 1

The main contents there are the Canon 7D camera and Zoom H4n audio recorder. The primary compartment also holds a lav mic, three lenses, FireWire cables, ND filters, batteries, chargers, compact flash cards, and a few other odds and ends.

The first outer zipper compartment holds an XLR mic cable and a compact flash card reader. (Plus clapper sticks if I want to squeeze them in there.)

Chance's camera bag photo 2

And I keep the owner’s manual in the smaller, second outer zipper compartment.

Except for a tripod, boom pole, and shotgun mic, that’s pretty much everything I’d need to make a movie. Or at least shoot an interview. Digital video might not be as pretty as film, but the equipment is a heck of a lot more portable.

By the way, the AmazonBasics netbook bag is great, too. It holds my iPad 2, charger, cable, and cleaning cloth. With room to spare. But not too much room to spare.


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