Skype again.

Michael Shelton (“Steve” in Interplanetary) and I did an interview over Skype on Tuesday night with the good folks at

Skype iMac setup

I still don’t quite understand my FireWire audio interface thing and its relationship to Skype. So Michael and I had to share a mic. Oh, well.

The interview itself was a lot of fun. And epic, at more than two hours. I’ll let you know when it goes “live” at the KillerReviews website.


My band Delicate Cutters made the Largehearted Boy daily downloads list on Tuesday.

As far as internet lists go, this one ain’t bad: The 30 Best Wilco Songs. Note: you should replace number 19 (“One Wing”) with “Hotel Arizona” from Being There. (via Stacey, of course)

Million dollar book prices on Amazon due to algorithms gone wild.

I realize this one is pretty obscure, but I like it: Zardoz, 8-bit style.

I am a picky eater. Which I am okay with. Scientists started studying people like me and saying there is an “adult picky eater disorder.” Really? Throwing around the “D” word ’cause a grown-up won’t eat his or her veggies? More nonsense here.


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