A Crewless Thursday.

Elizabeth Hunter invited Chuck and me to be guest speakers for her Samford University screenwriting class on Thursday. Since we are two guys who love to talk about all aspects of movies, including screenwriting, we happily said “yes.”

The goal of our lecture was to teach the students about “practical” screenwriting. Elizabeth had already taught the students about story structure for movies (wisely using Die Hard as the template), but she hoped we would be able to talk about the screenwriter’s job in the context of the actual day-to-day production of a (small-scale) feature film.

Having done it once, and gotten a better feel for the topics of most interest to the students, I would love the opportunity to do it again. Thanks to Elizabeth and her class for inviting us in. I hope they had as much fun as Chuck and I did.

Chuck and I moved on from the Samford campus to Rojo, to entertain Kevin and Chris, a couple of Crewless fans passing through town on their way to the Texas Frightmare Weekend horror convention. Actually, Kevin and Chris entertained us, as they paid for our beer!

Kevin sent me an email from Texas, and it sounds like they’re having a good time. Here’s a photo of Kevin with Dieter Laser, star of the infamous Human Centipede

Kevin and Dieter Laser at Texas Frightmare Weekend

Kevin also let me know that he handed off an Interplanetary DVD to Roger Corman. Corman! That’s so awesome. Obviously, I need to cover the bar tab the next time Kevin and Chris are in town.


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