Wilco in Montgomery.

Brian and Jill (of the Maisleys) and Stacey and I drove down to Montgomery last night to see a Wilco concert.

We had third row seats. Unfortunately, there isn’t much sitting done at most Wilco shows. And the guys in front of us were like nine feet tall.

Wilco in Montgomery, AL (view from the third row)

We spent much of the night sneaking out into the aisle for a better view.


Nazis make great villains. Undead Nazis make even better villains.

“Myself” is not just a fancy way to say “me.”

While the troubled Spider-man Broadway play has been getting lots of press, this Batman stage show slipped in under the radar.

Apparently, the Rock can smell what the U.S. Special Forces are cooking.

Netflix’s bandwidth cost is about five cents per movie.


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