Smash and grab.

Watched on May 6…

Fast 5 is better than I expected it to be. And all the positive buzz had set my expectations pretty high. So it’s okay to believe the hype. Fast 5 is a crackerjack B-movie. Heck, it’s a B-plus-movie. And it’s full of real live stunts, not a bunch of computer-generated mayhem. I mean, they wrecked so many real cars making this movie. And that’s a good thing.



The GoPro HD cameras now do 25fps, thanks to a firmware upgrade. That means the GoPro cameras almost do 24fps, and almost is good enough for me. So now I want a GoPro HD to use as a “crash cam.”

I’m also thinking I need to find an old Polaroid camera and try out some of this stuff from Impossible.

Damn, I wish I could go to Austin for this. Apes on 35mm!

Amazon is still rumored to be working on a tablet. I love my iPad 2, but I would also love to see Amazon put out a kick-ass Android tablet. Especially if they can get the price down below $200. (via John)

Lots of Marvel animation (you know–Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man) will be available soon on Netflix’s “Watch Instantly.”

Well, at least Netflix is being realistic. (via Stacey)

Pricing for Rackspace “cloud” hosting.


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