Secret weekend.

I hope Birmingham’s first Secret Stages music festival turned a profit for the promoters, because I’d like it to return next year. I didn’t see/hear much Friday night, but I did have a great time drumming for Delicate Cutters. The Cutters played at the Wine Loft, which made for a better rock and roll venue than I would have expected.

I checked out some old favorites (like the Green Seed and Crooked Fingers) on Saturday, but I was most excited to hear the Bohannons for the first time. Janet told me that I would like them, and she was right. I heard an unusual mix of cool influences in the Bohannons’ sound (the Pixies, Black Sabbath, and Lynyrd Skynyrd to name a few), and the guys are not afraid to play hard, fast, and loud.

You should probably just go ahead and buy their debut EP. And check them out the next time they’re playing a live set in your neighborhood.

Here’s a photo of the late-afternoon Saturday crowd at the outdoor stage for the Gum Creek Killers‘ set…

Secret Stages Saturday afternoon

Watched on May 15…

The Marvel movie guys are pretty smart. They’re creating a shared universe for several movie characters, and next summer all of those characters are going to appear together in The Avengers. So if you’re excited about Avengers (as I am), you’re going to feel compelled to see all of those other movies.

I saw Thor yesterday, and… well, Thor will be an Avenger. And I’m a big fan of Agent Coulson, the S.H.I.E.L.D. field agent who shows up in all of these Marvel movies. And there’s a little post-credits scene that is fun in that post-credits Marvel movie kind of way. And the theater showed the trailer for Captain America, the Marvel movie that I’m really looking forward to this summer.


Maximum Horror’s thorough (and positive!) Interplanetary review.

More rumblings about Amazon maybe working on something to compete with the iPad.

Here’s a demo video of Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology. Mirasol uses ambient light, like e-ink, but it’s capable of displaying color video content, too (current e-ink displays tend to be black and white).

How to Make an HTML5 iPhone App.


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