That “iPad killer” everybody’s been waiting for? It’s called the “Touchpad,” and it’s coming soon from HP. I know it’s gonna be the best tablet ever, because that’s what an HP exec said.

And here’s a picture I took of a sailboat with my iPhone 3GS.

Sailboat Gulf Shores, AL Hangout Fest

(I assume the photo would have come out better if I’d taken it with some sort of HP gadget.)


Roger Ebert posted a couple of clips from an unaired Orson Welles TV pilot.

The skinny on ten internet streaming video services.

Somebody assembled 30,000 Lego pieces to recreate a scene from Return of the Jedi.

Hypocrisy alert: Cable companies want citizens of North Carolina to have more options when it comes to broadband service providers.

“The New Summer Blockbuster Economy: Reboots, Prequels, and the End of the Superstar Cash Grab.”


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