Saturday Nightmares.

Interplanetary will be screening on June 5 at 10:30 a.m. as part of the Saturday Nightmares Horror and Sci-Fi Expo in New Jersey.

Saturday Nightmares

In other Interplanetary news, Chuck found this review, which I don’t believe I’ve linked to before.

Watched on May 24…

Kristen Wiig has been getting accolades for her comedic acting abilities since she started showing up on Saturday Night Live a few years ago. Judging from Bridesmaids, she’s a pretty awesome screenwriter, too (she co-wrote the Bridesmaids script with Annie Mumolo).

Wiig also acts in Bridesmaids, and she leads a fearless cast through a variety of comedic set pieces– some are weird, some are sweet, some are downright disgusting, but all are genuinely funny, and the comedy never gets in the way of the characters.

The title is a bit misleading–there’s less wedding party stuff than you would expect from a movie called Bridesmaids. And the running time is on the long side (two hours and change). But I’m not going to complain about too much of a good thing. At this point, Bridesmaids looks like the comedy to beat for 2011.


Trap sent me a link to Moviestorm, which might be handy for creating simple animated movies. Or maybe animated storyboards for live action movies.

Lots of people can offer up good screenwriting advice. Like this, for instance. But how many of those people can actually write a really good screenplay? (That question is rhetorical. I think.)

Filmmaking gear of the day: tiny (and expensive, of course) dolly wheels. (via Arik)

The iPad Touch Arcade is real. And I still want one.

If I ever get an iPhone 4, I want one of these awesome cases, too.

Wow. The lost Indiana Jones/Han Solo crossover was really depressing.

Here’s a grassroots movement I can get behind: Spinal Tap fans campaign to make November 11 (11/11/11) “Nigel Tufnel Day.”

Google’s working on a JPEG killer.

Shocking news: AT&T might be charging people for data they didn’t ask for.

More shocking news: Internet service providers might be overstating their network congestion problems (and pointing the finger at Netflix).

Some former Apple employees have created a Flash-like tool to create HTML5 animations.


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