Long weekend.

I hope everyone got to take a little time off from work during the last few days. I did, and I managed to watch a few movies…

Watched on May 25…

Last Night is a low-key (and low budget) movie about the end of the world. It’s like Armageddon without the bad Aerosmith song and… okay, it’s nothing like Armageddon. It’s actually very good. And the brilliant director David Cronenberg is featured in an acting role.

Watched on May 27…

Jurassic Park is better than I remember. Or maybe it’s just better than most of the flicks I’ve seen recently. The movie is beautifully shot, with a look that leans toward the naturalistic (as opposed to the blatantly color-corrected look so prevalent these days). That naturalistic cinematography, along with a brilliant mix of practical and computer-generated effects, grounds the movie in a way that really engages the viewer.

Dinosaur bones

Producers of the Christopher Reeve Superman movie promised, “You’ll believe a man can fly.” The Jurassic Park creators might have countered that with, “You’ll believe a T-Rex can chase a jeep through a theme park gone amok.” (The movie’s actual tagline was “An Adventure 65 Million Years in the Making”–that’s pretty cool, too.)

Watched on May 28…

I don’t think Four Lions quite measures up to the hype–for a “difficult” (comedy about jihadist terrorists) indie, this flick got a lot of press coverage. But Four Lions delivers a pretty amazing ending, so you kind of forget any problems you might have had with previous parts of the movie.

Watched on May 30…

Tangled is a respectable addition to Disney’s “musical princess” canon. I especially appreciated sidekick Pascal the chameleon and the voice work of Ron Perlman.


This is awesome: J.G. Thirwell conducts a live orchestra rocking some Venture Bros. music.


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