Can you mend a broken iPad 2?

I broke my iPad 2.

More specifically, I left the iPad 2 sitting on the coffee table with the little iCover open, and one of the cats jumped onto the coffee table, knocking the device to the floor. At first glance, everything was fine. But, when I looked a little more closely, I saw a nasty crack in the glass that covers the top-left corner of the iPad’s bevel. Here’s a photo of the damage…

iPad 2 corner crack

That’s not a great photo–the crack looks a lot worse in real life.

I’ve owned my share of gadgets over the years, and I’ve always been extra careful to take good care of them… like OCD careful. As the iPad 2 is probably my favorite gadget ever, I’ve always handled it with extra extra care. So I figure if I can break my iPad 2, anybody can, and I’m writing about this as a public service announcement. If you get an iPad 2 (or another expensive device covered in glass), consider purchasing an extended warranty.

In an attempt to hold together my injured (but otherwise functional) iPad, I got the most excessive case I could find.

Griffin Survivor iPad

That case is a Griffin “Survivor.” It is (allegedly) manufactured to military specs to be shockproof, waterproof, and dirt-proof. I don’t know about all that, but it definitely feels solid. The textured silicone is easier to grip than a naked iPad 2. And, as the case covers the iPad’s entire bevel, it hides the cracked glass.

My only real gripe with the Survivor is the clear screen cover. It dulls the iPad’s display somewhat, and it also makes the touch interface a bit less responsive. That (plus 80 bucks) is the price of protection, I suppose.


Here’s the first review (that I know of) of the forthcoming Delicate Cutters album, Some Creatures. (I don’t agree with the Alanis Morissette comparison, but I won’t complain about a good review.)

Permacel used to make awesome gaffer tape. But, after some sort of corporate shakeup, Permacel is no more. So I’m going to try this “Intertape” brand gaffer tape (because I can get it from Amazon Prime with free shipping).

Michael Bay is a mostly tone-deaf movie director. But he knows how to film mayhem, and he likes to film that mayhem as practically as possible, so he’s not totally without talent. For example, check out this insane video clip. Bay filmed real guys jumping from the top of a real skyscraper in Chicago. Wow.


2 Comments on “Can you mend a broken iPad 2?”

  1. kangas says:

    First, you can repair your ipad by smashing in the brains of that cat and using the guts to patch the ipad.

    Second, I know it’s “in” to bash Bay, but the man can freakin’ shoot action scenes like nobody’s business, and used to be able to put together great popcorn flicks. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, in my opinion…

  2. Chance says:

    As I learn more about filmmaking, I appreciate Bay’s ability to direct action more and his ability to direct… well, everything else… less. That’s why I called him “tone-deaf.” It’s like he’s always cranked up to “11.” That’s great when the scene calls for it, but it’s obnoxious otherwise.

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