Come on, guys.

Check out this Windows 8 demo. I’m surprised at how awesome Windows 8 looks. Of course, creating a cool demo and creating a cool operating system are two totally different things. At least Microsoft seems to be putting forth some actual effort to stay relevant in the OS game.

On the other hand, the audio and video quality of the demo are pretty crappy. I mean, they could have at least put a lavalier mic on the guy talking. Do you think Apple would ever release anything so low-fi? (They wouldn’t.)


If I was running a company as big as Microsoft, I think I’d pay a good video crew to shoot, edit, and mix the company’s PR material. Or at least invest in a couple of good mics for the A/V closet.

Public service announcement…

Check your Netflix discs for cracks as soon as they arrive. It’s always sad when a disc sits around for a couple of days and then won’t work when you’re finally ready to watch it.


In other “Come on, guys…” news, Sony’s been hacked again.

Zoom is making a tiny eight-track audio recorder. I hope it’s even more awesome than Zoom’s awesome H2n.

This is crazy. A new internet currency is helping to create a mail-order market for illegal drugs.

Comic publisher DC is embracing digital. Sort of. I’d like to see (and would happily purchase) 99 cent digital comics.

Stacey recently asked me, “Why isn’t Captain Marvel published by Marvel Comics?” This Wikipedia article does a pretty good job of answering that question.

Actress Sean Young’s Blade Runner Polaroids.

The guys in Radiohead are Neil Young fans. At least, that’s my feeling based on this list of their best cover songs. (You can actually download the songs on that list, by the way.)

Somebody put together a six camera shootout. Two of those cameras are film cameras (one 35mm, one Super 16mm).

Nasty: viruses are hitting Android smart phones.

According to this Wired story, the online auction is dead. Good riddance, I say.

How the music industry is killing music and blaming the fans.


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