Cutting the cord.

Apple’s “iOS” devices, like the iPhone and iPad, are basically little computers. So I’ve always found it annoying that you have to hook them up to a “real” (i.e. larger) computer to activate them. Until they are activated, your iPhone and iPad are just really expensive and ineffective doorstops.

That won’t be the case for long, though, according to today’s news out of WWDC. Apple is cutting the proverbial cord, and iOS devices will be ready to rock right out of the box.


Aside from new iOS stuff, Apple also made some OS X and iCloud announcements today.

Watched on June 5…

What Just Happened is like an episode of Entourage recast with old people. Which is a shame, because it’s based on a funny, insightful book. (The movie doesn’t offer much humor or insight.)


The forthcoming Delicate Cutters album has been reviewed again.

This is so awesome. A moviegoer got kicked out of a movie theater for texting, and she left this (profane) voicemail. (Seriously, Mom, it is a profane voicemail, so don’t click on that link.) Two lessons here: be considerate of your fellow moviegoers, and be polite when you leave voicemails.

Spielberg talks about Jaws and some of his other cool movies in this excellent interview at

Like I was saying yesterday, digital comics should be cheaper.

Since Trap asked… how to play the “Hot for Teacher” drum part. (It’s as difficult as it sounds.)

I’m kind of sad this didn’t really happen.

The French government is being ridiculous again.


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