Caveat emptor.

Local cinema buffs are excited that Tree of Life is finally playing here in Birmingham, Alabama. But this is, by all accounts, not a movie for the meek. A theater in Connecticut has gone so far as to post a warning to inform customers that the movie “does not follow a traditional, linear approach to storytelling,” and that no refunds will be offered.


Maybe it’s time for a parallel movie ratings system… “This movie is rated ‘R’ for violence and foul language and ‘VS’ because only very smart people will enjoy it.”

(via Stacey)

Watched on June 24…

The Spirit isn’t as bad as everybody says–it’s worse. I was able to watch it for twenty minutes or so before I gave up and turned it off.

Watched on June 26…

Green Hornet isn’t as bad as The Spirit. But it is so bad that Stacey and I were only willing to suffer through it for 30 minutes before turning it off.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure might be the archetypal 1980s flick. It ain’t high art, but the movie has a goofy charm that is hard to resist.


One Comment on “Caveat emptor.”

  1. kangas says:

    Puh-lease. Milos is the most over-rated director out there. His movies are boring masturbatory excretions that are in such dire need of an actual editor that whoever gets credit as “editor” on them should be hung.

    And I’m sorry, but if your movie can be played out of order without anyone noticing, your movie is a piece of shit. (no, that’s not my opinion, that’s fact)

    And hey, did I mention, fuck that Milos guy? Fuck him in the face. 🙂

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