Captured Cutters.

Arik Sokol took several nice photos at the recent Delicate Cutters CD release show. Here’s one of Janet and me that I particularly like…

Delicate Cutters by Arik Sokol

You can see the whole collection at

In other Cutters news, here’s some official confirmation from NPR that they’ve been using one of our songs as “bump” music (we’re listed right below the “A Squash’s Journey: From The Shelf To The Hungry” story):

Watched on July 1…

I can’t explain The Tree of Life. It’s such an unconventional film, and so open to interpretation, I’m not sure if anyone can explain it… though I do like Roger Ebert’s review. I can tell you the cinematography, editing, and music are all top-notch, and I’m glad I got to see Tree at a theater with a big screen and a good sound system.

Watched on July 3…

I can’t explain Transformers: Dark of the Moon, either, but that’s just because it’s a joyless, humorless, senseless mess of a movie that fails in almost every way imaginable.


Looks like recordable Blu-ray discs are finally getting down to a reasonable price: 20 BD-Rs (25GB capacity) for 30 bucks.

And a Thunderbolt accessory is finally available. But it’s a RAID disk array, so it ain’t cheap. (via John)


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