Movies, movies, movies.

Wow. I’m way behind on my “watched in 2011” posts. I’ll remedy that right now.

Watched somewhat recently…

I caught The Final Countdown (Aug. 3) and The Killing (Aug. 13) on Netflix “Watch Instantly.”

Stacey and I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes (it’s a fun popcorn flick) at the multiplex (Aug. 16).

And then I got to see a bunch of Sidewalk movies (the beloved Birmingham film fest was held last weekend).

Sidewalk badge

Pre-fest, I reviewed three movies for Small Pond, SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories, and the excellent David.

Then I actually caught several movies at festival screenings: The Innkeepers on Friday, then American Decaf, Holy Rollers, part of Treatment (I enjoyed what I saw), The Robber, and the short I **** With My Voice on Saturday.

On Sunday I saw the short Terrebonne (I wasn’t crazy about it, but the judges-that-be awarded it best narrative short), the lovely Sahkanaga, and the documentary Page One (probably my favorite of the weekend).


Tablet wars.

I spent a few minutes playing around with a Toshiba Thrive tablet.

Toshiba Thrive tablet

It feels flimsier and more sluggish than my iPad 2. But it does Flash video and has a ton of connectivity options. And, more importantly, the 8GB model only costs $399. I’m glad to see a tablet maker try to compete with Apple on price since no one can seem to compete with them on quality.

Now they just need to try a little harder. I wouldn’t recommend a Thrive at $399. But a $249 Thrive would be a lot more interesting.

(If you’d like to read more about the Thrive, check out Engadget’s review.)

Busy, busy, busy.

Things I’m working on right now…

I could really use a nap.

Here’s a photo of a sleepy African wildcat…

African wildcat

He looks sleepy to me, at least. Maybe I’m just projecting.

All About the Cutters.

My band Delicate Cutters recently released our second album, Some Creatures, through Skybucket Records. And we’ve received some cool media coverage. awarded the album a 7.8/10 review, we’re getting actual “terrestrial” radio play in North Carolina on WNCW, and we were featured in a great Birmingham band roundup in B-Metro magazine.

And there’s more–a lot more. I would encourage you to head over to the Cutters website and read all the details.

You’ll also see this retro-tastic photo of Janet at the Cutters site…

Janet in Rome, GA, photo by Brian Moon


I recently got a little press coverage of my own. I was featured in a Birmingham magazine article about Birmingham’s movie business.

How crazy is this?

According to the website, Interplanetary was the second most popular movie yesterday on Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” streaming video service.

Interplanetary on InstantWatcher dot com

That’s pretty awesome. Many thanks to everyone who put us in their queue!

To “B” or not to “B.”

Last week, someone posted a question on the message board: “How can ‘B’ movies exist?” The poster went on to explain that “B” movies make him “sad,” as they are such an affront to the tradition of great cinema.

Plan 9

This is a pretty naive question, but I thought I’d post a polite response instead of following standard internet protocol (starting a flame war with the guy who asked the naive question). I replied…

I have financed two “B” movies with my personal credit cards. Okay, the budgets were very low (I’m not rich), so maybe they’re “C” movies.

Neither film was hugely successful, but neither were total failures. The first, Hide and Creep, played on the Sci Fi (now SyFy) channel a few times. It’s now streaming (legally) on YouTube. The second, Interplanetary, will be available soon via Netflix “Watch Instantly.”

Why did I make these movies? Because I love films and I love making films. Both movies were shot on nights and weekends. Most of the cast and crew were people, like me, with more enthusiasm than filmmaking experience.

My original post went on for several more paragraphs. If you’re interested in “B” movies and how they get made, you might want to read the whole thread.


Did I mention my band Delicate Cutters has a new album? It’s called Some Creatures, and you can preview the whole thing at

Hopefully coming soon to your neighborhood: super WiFi. (via Juan and Slashdot)

This might be my favorite iPhone app ever: 8mm Vintage Camera.

Justin Timberlake’s most recent SNL monologue.

Instead of reading this…

…you could be watching Interplanetary on Netflix.

(Or at least adding Interplanetary to your instant queue.)

Interplanetary pageon Netflix

If you don’t subscribe to Netflix, you can watch Interplanetary via Amazon’s Instant Video.

Watched on July 16…

Stacey and I got to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Deux in London. Which seems like the best place to see the final film in that epic series.

Watched on July 24…

I enjoyed Captain America: The First Avenger. I would have enjoyed it more if not for the kids (kids too young for a PG-13 movie, by the way) in front of me who would not shut up. I love going to the movie theater, but movie theater audiences tend to piss me off. If you can’t spend two hours without talking or fiddling with your cellphone, please stay away from the movie theater.


This might come in handy while you’re watching Interplanetary on your computer… keyboard shortcuts for Netflix.

I can’t decide what I want more: access to a grilled cheese truck or ownership of a grilled cheese truck. (via Juan)

This Thing prequel looks like a remake. (I’ll probably go see it anyway.)

From what I’ve seen, this Radiohead “live from the Basement” concert is pretty great.