Tomorrow. Interplanetary. Netflix.

After more than four years of working and waiting, I feel like Interplanetary has finally really arrived. That’s because, as of tomorrow, our little Mars-sploitation flick will be available to the masses via Netflix’s streaming “Watch Instantly” service.

Update: Netflix’s Interplanetary page is now live at, though the site won’t let you add it to your instant queue yet.

This is a big deal. Short of an actual old-school television airing, I think a Netflix deal is the best way to get a movie to a large number of viewers. If any of your friends have a fondness for sci-fi and a Netflix account, I hope you’ll encourage them to add the movie to their instant queue. I’d also encourage folks who have already seen Interplanetary to add it to their queue. As I understand it, Netflix considers users’ queues when deciding on whether or not to carry (or continue to carry) a particular film.

As if that wasn’t enough, the movie is also available for rent or purchase via Amazon’s “Instant Video” service.

Amazon Interplanetary screen shot

Thanks to the gang at Shock-O-Rama Cinema for making all this happen.


2 Comments on “Tomorrow. Interplanetary. Netflix.”

  1. nick timkovich says:

    i just tried to add it to my queue, and it says it is “unavailable” (as of 9:39am CDT). i’ll add it as soon as i can, chance!

  2. Chance says:

    Yeah, the page is live, but I don’t expect it’ll be available to watch or add to your instant queue till sometime tomorrow. I’ll do another blog post after I’ve actually confirmed the movie is streaming.

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