Movies, movies, movies.

Wow. I’m way behind on my “watched in 2011” posts. I’ll remedy that right now.

Watched somewhat recently…

I caught The Final Countdown (Aug. 3) and The Killing (Aug. 13) on Netflix “Watch Instantly.”

Stacey and I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes (it’s a fun popcorn flick) at the multiplex (Aug. 16).

And then I got to see a bunch of Sidewalk movies (the beloved Birmingham film fest was held last weekend).

Sidewalk badge

Pre-fest, I reviewed three movies for Small Pond, SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories, and the excellent David.

Then I actually caught several movies at festival screenings: The Innkeepers on Friday, then American Decaf, Holy Rollers, part of Treatment (I enjoyed what I saw), The Robber, and the short I **** With My Voice on Saturday.

On Sunday I saw the short Terrebonne (I wasn’t crazy about it, but the judges-that-be awarded it best narrative short), the lovely Sahkanaga, and the documentary Page One (probably my favorite of the weekend).


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