Two for four.

Watched on September 13…

I wasn’t crazy about Your Highness. It looks great on paper (fantasy/adventure/comedy movie from some of the Pineapple Express guys), but the tone seems off for most of the movie. And some of the actors seem to be doing less acting and more just goofing off.


Watched on September 16…

I think everybody with a blog likes Drive. Everybody but me. There are chunks of Drive that are brilliant, but there are even bigger chunks that go nowhere. The movie also manages to mostly waste Ron Perlman and Albert Brooks. Bummer.

Watched on September 17…

Contagion. In IMAX. It’s great, kind of like a zombie movie without the zombies. And it’s scarier than any zombie movie I’ve ever seen. Not recommended for hypochondriacs.

Watched on September 18…

On the recommendations of several people (most recently James), I finally watched Ronin. And it’s good. It also features some Mamet-y writing from an uncredited (for some reason) David Mamet.


John Carpenter returns… sort of.

Watched on Aug. 31…

John Carpenter returns to the director’s chair with The Ward. And it’s… okay. Carpenter’s eye is still sharp, but there’s not much anyone could have done with the rote Ward screenplay. I hope he directs another feature soon, and I hope that feature has a stronger script.

Jail cell


Maybe I’m just in a pessimistic mood today. But is this the beginning of the end for Netflix? (via Juan)

A (pricey) in-camera filter promises to remove many DSLR video artifacts (via Chuck). Now if someone could just do something about that rolling shutter nonsense.

More gear: Cineskates (via Nick T.)

A list of 50 “must see” documentaries that doesn’t include Hearts of Darkness. I’m gonna have to call “bullshit.” (via Stacey)

Computer 101: Six keyboard shortcuts every computer user should know. (via Arik)