Some random thoughts on music.

Best-sounding rock album ever: In Utero by Nirvana.

Best rock lyric ever: “We’re gonna come around at twelve with some Puerto Rican girls that’s just dying to meet you.” From “Miss You” by the Rolling Stones.

Best Rolling Stones song: not sure, but it’s either “Rocks Off” or something from Let it Bleed.

Best Beatles song: “She Said She Said.”

Best Keith Moon-less Who song: “Eminence Front.”

Best singer/songwriter you’ve never heard of: Ike Reilly.

Best live album you’ve never heard of: Alive ’05 by Local H.

Great unappreciated concept album: Pack Up the Cats by Local H.

Great unappreciated Wilco album: Sky Blue Sky.

Last good R.E.M. album: Green.

Best Radiohead album: Tough call, but I’m going with OK Computer.

Best totally illegal album: The Grey Album by Danger Mouse, Jay-Z, and the Beatles.


Coolest guitars: Epiphone Casino with Bigsby tremolo, Fender Jazzmaster.

Worst band ever: Creed. (Runners up: Matchbox 20, Sister Hazel, Train.)


5 Comments on “Some random thoughts on music.”

  1. ditchell says:

    for some reason I’ve always loved “Can’t you hear me knocking?” as my fave Stones song that isn’t an obvious one.

    Define “best sounding”

  2. Siamese Dream
    I agree.
    Automatic For the People
    The Bends
    I agree.
    You forgot Nickleback

    *** “pass” means i’m too old to remember right now

  3. I’ll bite!
    The coolest guitar is the Rickenbacker 1998
    Best Beatles song: Dear Prudence
    Best Keith-Moon-less Who song is “Give Blood” (yeah, don’t tell me that’s not The Who 😉
    The best – sounding rock album has to be Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti. Everybody wants that Kashmir drum sound.
    Best rock lyric “You must think you’re gonna live forever” — Rollins Band “Another Life”
    Last good REM album? I’m going to go pretentious hipster and say “Fables of the Reconstruction”


  4. Chance says:

    Ditchell: “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” is a great pick for best Stones song. The riff that song opens with is epic.

    Best-sounding–to me–means big, loud, and dirty, with plenty of mid-range (rock and roll is all about the mids) frequencies. I’m talking about the sound of the actual recording more than the quality of the songs or the musicians involved (though “In Utero” also has great songs and musicians, and those things also affect the sound of the recording).

    * * *

    James: Nothing wrong with some Punkins. Though I think “Automatic for the People” is way overrated–too much enunciating from Stipe. “The Bends,” is of course, awesome. That plus “OK Computer” plus “Kid A” is a hell of a run, three A+ albums in a row from Radiohead.

    And you are right. I did forget about Nickelback.

    * * *

    Andrew: Yeah, Rickenbackers are awesome. And I loves me some jangle.

    I’m not a big “Dear Prudence” fan, but that might be because I covered that song too many times. I am a big fan of the White Album, though.

    I’d never heard “Give Blood” before. D’oh! Guess I need to get Townshend’s “White City” album.

    Nothing wrong with some “Physical Graffiti.” Though I personally don’t want the “Kashmir” drum sound. I want the “In Utero” drum sound!

    As for pretentious R.E.M. comments: “R.E.M. doesn’t have *any* good albums. They should have quit after the ‘Chronic Town’ EP.” But, seriously, you have to at least go as far as “Lifes Rich Pageant”–that’s the one with “Fall on Me!”

    * * *

    All: Thanks for the comments!

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