Comic-Con (New York edition).

How did I spend last weekend at New York Comic Con and not take a single picture? I got sick right before I left town, so maybe my head wasn’t really in the game. Also, if there was some kind of “con flu” going around, I might have been patient zero. If that’s the case, uh… well, sorry about that, fellow Con attendees.

Here’s a photo of the Comic Con floor from Wikipedia


Aside from me being sick (and the Con being overcrowded on Saturday), it was a good trip. I got to catch up with some friends (including Mr. Bellware), and I picked up some cool Venture Bros. merch for Stacey.

Watched on Oct. 7…

The Ides of March: good story, exceptional cast. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti are geniuses. Clooney is pretty good, too.

Watched on Oct. 11…

Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop isn’t as revealing as the hype led me to believe, but it’s a solid documentary about the live tour O’Brien put together after he left NBC.


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