One more for 2011.

Is drunk walking really more dangerous than drunk driving?

Sorry to be a hater, but is a sad excuse for a local news website. And the company that runs it has employed this same setup for local news websites for several other states. Yuck.

The secret origin of the term “fanboy.”

This (dumb) year in tech.

Blu Ray Media: Best BD-R Discs Review.

Yep. Sometimes we want files. Dropbox vs. iCloud.

Merry New Year, everybody!


Impossible missions.

Watched on Dec. 26…

Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol is a terrific thriller with action sequences that function as a kind of action poetry.

That quote is from Roger Ebert’s MI4 review, and I agree with it 100%.

See it on the biggest screen you can find for maximum vertigo during the movie’s insane Dubai human fly sequence (which apparently impressed Ebert as much as it impressed me).

As 2011 winds down…

Good on ya, Louis. interview with Louis CK from a couple of years ago.

Philip Bloom has posted a nice movie lighting tutorial.

Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Does the Morning Weather.

Aaron Gustafson’s Smart Markup for Smarter Websites presentation (late-night edition).

There’s still time to buy the Humble Indie Bundle. You get some games, and a couple of charities get some money. (via Chris)

Find out if and where that movie is available at (via Ebert)

iWebInspector is (apparently) a free tool to debug, profile and inspect web applications running on iOS Simulator.

Lastly, but not leastly, Happy Christmas! And I hope you have a terrific 2012!

Watched on Dec. 14…

Green Lantern is not a good movie, but it isn’t terrible enough to get worked up about. Nobody seems to be trying except for the actors, but those actors don’t have anything of substance to work with.

Watched on Dec. 20…

The Descendants seems to be getting a lot of buzz lately. Which is great, because it is a funny, smartly-acted, finely-observed movie for grown-ups. I’m not hearing as much buzz about Young Adult, which is a shame, because it is in the same league as The Descendants. I’m especially impressed with the cast–Charlize Theron delivers a fantastic lead performance, and every other actor, from Theron’s co-stars (Patton Oswalt and Patrick Wilson) to the day players, does a good job keeping up with her.

Go, Joe. (Or is it “Yo, Joe?”)

Interplanetary got a little end-of-the-year love from (Thanks, Steve!)

So did the Some Creatures album by Delicate Cutters.

Here’s a photo Jason Hamric took of the Cutters on the closed-circuit TV at Bottletree…

I’ll probably regret saying this one day… but I really dig the trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

The videos on this site crack me up–very clever/funny stuff: The Website is Down. (via Troy)

Here’s an iPhone dock I might actually use. And an iPhone case I’d definitely use. (both via Daring Fireball)

74 Great Films To Watch On YouTube. (Legally posted, I assume.) (via Cary)

Speaking of stuff to watch on YouTube… (via Mad Pulp Bastard)

Watched in the last few weeks…

The Good: Margin Call, An American Werewolf in London, The Exorcist, The Muppets, Another Earth, The Descendants

The Bad: The Thing (remake/prequel), Buried

The Not-Very-Good-But-John-Carpenter-Directed-It: Ghosts of Mars

It’s not a movie, but I’ve watched and enjoyed the heck out of the first three seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix.