Go, Joe. (Or is it “Yo, Joe?”)

Interplanetary got a little end-of-the-year love from HorrorTalk.com. (Thanks, Steve!)

So did the Some Creatures album by Delicate Cutters.

Here’s a photo Jason Hamric took of the Cutters on the closed-circuit TV at Bottletree…

I’ll probably regret saying this one day… but I really dig the trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

The videos on this site crack me up–very clever/funny stuff: The Website is Down. (via Troy)

Here’s an iPhone dock I might actually use. And an iPhone case I’d definitely use. (both via Daring Fireball)

74 Great Films To Watch On YouTube. (Legally posted, I assume.) (via Cary)

Speaking of stuff to watch on YouTube… (via Mad Pulp Bastard)

Watched in the last few weeks…

The Good: Margin Call, An American Werewolf in London, The Exorcist, The Muppets, Another Earth, The Descendants

The Bad: The Thing (remake/prequel), Buried

The Not-Very-Good-But-John-Carpenter-Directed-It: Ghosts of Mars

It’s not a movie, but I’ve watched and enjoyed the heck out of the first three seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix.


2 Comments on “Go, Joe. (Or is it “Yo, Joe?”)”

  1. kangas says:

    Hey, we watched Another Earth and had this question. (and anyone reading this who hasn’t seen the movie, just stop now)

    Did you wonder what exactly that guy was gonna do when he went to the other earth? Because if his wife wasn’t dead there, there’s ANOTHER one of him there…what’s he gonna do, join the family? Kill his other self? What?

    It was an interesting movie, but kind of copped out with that ending. Overall I liked it though. (yeah, much better than the Thing remake…)

  2. Chance says:

    Yeah, that is a good question. His motivations for leaving aren’t well-defined. Unless he was gambling that, on Earth 2, he was killed but his wife and son survived.

    (More spoilers below.)

    Which would be a possibility, given the movie’s last scene with the girl from Earth 2 meeting the girl from Earth 1. But I think the filmmakers were going for more of a downer, and we’re supposed to assume wife and son are dead on both earths.

    Regardless of the logic of the ending, I thought the mood of the ending was great.

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